About Superprints

Superprints is a service for online digital photo printing based on Instagram. Get your printed Instagram photos to your physical mailbox, affordable and easy. A perfect way to share your favorite Instagram moments! The Superprints founders are Urban Sandén, Anders Wiredal and Chrille Peterson.

All Superprints images are printed in and shipped from Sweden. Press images and more info/press material, see Press.

The team

Chrille Peterson

Band starter. First Instagram image posted October 2010.

Urban Sandén

Art, craft and frontend. Favorite Instagram filter is Early Bird.

Anders Wiredal

Backend guru.
Avid #fromwhereistand fan.

Superprints is a service by: Firma Christoffer Petterson. Västra Holmgatan 41 SE-553 24 Jönköping, Sweden Phone: +46 707-62 74 56. Email: chrille@getsuperprints.com VAT: SE800321597001